2/Jg11-Hugo Frey

         With the start of a new year, a new Victory board is started. To find the years overall  top Aces see the Honor Roll page.
 Results of  individual campaigns  are listed  on the individual pilots page these continue until a campaign is completed and are not subject to yearly changes.  Achievements are  awarded and displayed separately for each campaign and are to be considered as independent  of each other.
Top gun is awarded to the highest point earner per missions unless each mission is from the same campaign side, at which time the points are combined. Designation "B" is for top Bombing/Reconn Score  awarded. Designation "F" is for top Fighter pilot score. 

                      We are officially the II/JG_11 Squadron. A Group of Virtual Pilot dedicated to simulating historical aerial combat.

While we remain the II/JG_11,  we   frequently adopt a variety of personas to better reflect  different  historical   simulations.

The following has been noted and awards given for the of Week of  Feb 9, 2022


                                                                        2020 Honor Roll is posted   

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                                                                                     Active Members:  11

                                      II / JG11_ RUDO,  II / JG11_ KITTEL,  II / JG11_HUGO,  II / JG11_HARDER,                                                                                                                II / JG11_SCHAFER ,  II / JG11_STOLLE,   II / JG11_ BAUER , II / JG11_VOLKE, 

                                                               II / JG11_Wolf , II / JG11_WICK    II / JG11_Bar                                                                                                                                                                               

                                                                                         CURRENT CAMPAIGNS

                                                                                             Weeks Missions  

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                                                                                                Allied Powers                                                                                                             

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                                                                                         WORLD AT WAR 1937 to 1945

                                                                                        The Mediterranean Front

                                                                                           Commonwealth forces

                                                          Squadron Members award are noted on the After Action Reports



                                                                                         Russian Front 1941- 1945

                                                                                      Battle for the Caucasus

                                                           Squadron Members award are noted on the After Action Reports

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                                                                                          China-Burma- India Theatre


                                                                                          Retreat from Burma-1942

                                                                                          South West Pacific Area

                                                                                         New Guinea-Rabaul-1943

                                                                             Squadron awards earned noted on AAR


                                                                                                     FINLAND 1939

                                                                                           The Winter War 1939-1940

                                                                             Squadron awards earned noted on AAR


                                                                                2nd Sino-Japanese War 1937-1945

                                                                                        The Race for Nanking -1937

                                                                          Squadron  Awards noted  on AAR


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                                                                                                       JET AGE


                                                                                                    1946 -1970